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Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi Aggression (PAAC)

      Having blessed the State of Kuwait by the grace of liberation from the clutches of Iraqi aggression, and his destruction of all sectors is required to process inventory and an estimate of the mass, especially since the UNCC approved the establishment of the UNCC for Compensation (Resolution No.687 of 1991): Against the responsibility of the Government of the State Kuwait to work on it, it saw that the hand is configured to follow the Kuwaiti claims for losses caused by the Iraqi aggression.

Decree-Low No. 6/1991:
      Establishment of public authority with legal personality independent incurred the Council of Ministers, called" Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for the loss of Iraqi aggression, "The Commission shall, without other significant inventory of the damage and loss assessment for those affected as a result of the work done by the aggressor, which occurred in the the twelfth of Muharram in 1410 Hegira corresponding to the second from August 1990 until the atheist ten of Sha'baan 1411,corresponding to the twenty-sixth of February, 1991.

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